My event photography mostly comes from a drive to "capture the moment". Often involving people, I create stories of the event or project I am working on. I work throughout New Zealand and internationally, and also design photography books, and produce multimedia films, both  mediums well suited to story telling.

Black and white photo of man in factory


I love getting in behind the scenes and meeting and photographing people working in factorys, farms and orchards. They are often the unseen force behind the sophisticated products in the market place.

Woman driving trolley in race at the Art Deco Festival in Napier, New Zealand

nz festivals

Festivals in New Zealand are varied and great fun to photograph. The festivals photographed include Matariki, Art Deco, Wild Food, Bluff oyster, Carrot, Shepherd's Shemozle, Chinese Lantern, Victorian and more

Sam Neil posing with two blonde women


When I provide editorial photos for clients the photography often involves portraits as well as documentary styled images. These portraits are sometimes taken quickly while others need extra care around lighting and direction.

Pinot Noir Conference, an event in Wellington celebrating New Zealand Pinot Noir.

people in action

It was Henri Cartier Bresson in the 1930's who coined the phrase "capture the moment". Based in Wellington, I frequently capture images throughout New Zealand and Vanuatu using an editorial style of photography.

Ruth Pretty portrait for Cuisine Magazine

ruth pretty catering

Along with food photography for Ruth Pretty, I have often been asked to photograph products, portraits and events where her team is catering. The photos here are from some of these occasions.

Two young women smiling at camera holding wine glasses

tourism events

The Tourism Industry is a large part of New Zealand's economy. The photographs in this section are from events the industry have held to promote New Zealand.

Bride grimacing while putting ring on grooms finger.


Wedding photography is one of the most demanding genres of commercial photography. When photographing a wedding you have six or more clients, all with differing expectations. However the photos from weddings are some of my favourite images. It is a privilege to photograph the most intimate of events.