Most food is photographed on location or in restaurants with natural light . Projects sometimes include portraits, landscapes and editorial styled images. I art direct and style photography, help source props and work closely with clients and publishers to create the look they want. Most plated food photos can be purchased complete with recipes.

Fresh baked cheese scones with butter photographed from above with retro tablecloth.


From paddock to plate. Photos in this section are food photographs using dairy products, and photographs of organic dairy farms in New Zealand.

Couple dressed in Fish and Chip outfits at Bluff Oyster Festival

festival food

The Wild Food Festival in Hokitika, the Ohakune Carrot Festival and the Oyster Festival in Bluff are three festivals in New Zealand with food right up front. The photos in this section are food related photographs from these three festivals and others.

Home grown freshly picked orange photographed in studio

fruit and vegetables

Photos in this section feature fruit and vegetables. Most of the photographs have been published in cookbooks,magazines,on websites and at point of sale.

Plated double lamb forequarter with roasted vegetable stuffing and beetroot jus from Ruth Pretty.


Food photographs of beef, lamb, chicken, duck and venison and editorial photos from farms in New Zealand. Food photos can be purchased with recipes.

Tamarillos also known as tree tomatoes growing on tree at Kapiti Gold Organics.


The organic food industry is growing in New Zealand. I love photographing organic food and meeting the people involved with the farms and horticulture. It is also a great chance to put my gumboots on and get down to ground level.

Head of Groper fish from Yellow Brick Road photographed in studio.


Photos of raw food in the wild, on New Zealand farms, orchards, and from cookbooks . Also studio photography of raw produce and editorial photos of fishing and hunting

Pan Fried New Zealand Paua with Lemon for Ruth Pretty cookbook.


In New Zealand it is rare to be far from the sea. As a result fresh seafood is one of the mainstays of restaurant menus, cookbooks and backyard barbecue's. There is also lively debate about the sustainability of New Zealand's fishing industry. I am lucky to have photographed some of the most sustainable seafood supplied by the likes of Yellow Brick Road.

Pinot noir jellies for cookbook


Photography of sweet food including desserts, biscuits, baking, icecream, chocolate and cakes. All photos made on location and have been published in books and magazines. Most photos can be purchased with recipes.