Photographs here reflect my own vision. When not working with clients I often put time into other photography projects.

Paekakariki from Exhibition The Reclaimed Land by Murray Lloyd Photography

the reclaimed land

These photographs look at the New Zealand landscape from an environmental viewpoint, contasting human and native forms. The photographs include sites from Waipoua State Forest in Northland to Milford National Park in the south. A limited number of prints are still available for purchase.

Manawatu River

bodies of water

Photographs of lakes and rivers affected by the dairy farming industry in New Zealand. Exhibition prints are available from McNamara Gallery, Whanganui

Concrete pig with Christmas hat and tinsel in Waikanae, New Zealand


Christmas - Inspired by a birth, the celebration is now firmly assimilated into the world of business. A swirling melting pot of politics, religion and consumerism it’s a shame it only happens once a year.

Shopping trolley on stop sign, Paraparaumu, new zealand


Paraparaumu means "scraps from an earth oven" in Maori; 'parapara' means dirt or scraps and 'umu' means oven. It is commonly abbreviated to "Para-Param", particularly by longer-term residents of European ethnicity, and simply "Pram" by local youth

Young Nick's Head sepia toned postcard, New Zealand

scenes in maoriland

The idea of re-working these cards came from the irony they display both with the time they were first manufactured and the present and historical politics of Maori land issues . The historic photographic inserts were replaced with contemporary images of politically charged landscapes.

Still photograph from the film A Brilliant Life

a brilliant life

A Brilliant Life is a documentary about my parents Mike and Sue.The documentary tells the story of how Mike and Sue dealt with the onset of Motor Neuron Disease, a terminal illness. The 25 minute film mixes still photographs with a voiceover. Some existing comments are below.


  • Probably the most moving and amazing tribute to such a character of a man. I myself had a similar experience with my grandfather who went from being such a strong, DIY kiwi bloke to a man still with pride but ill with a sickness that he could not shake. The images were so raw but so honest. Thank you for sharing this as it really reminds me of my story and how I felt with my grandfather, and it reminds me how wonderful and strong he was right up until the end. (Yvonne - 28 November 2011)
  • Thanks so much, Murray, for sharing the life of this extraordinaire man, your dad with us. We felt moved by the true essence of love and dedication showing in every photo.You all can be so proud of your dad and mum too. He will always live on in all of you. Aroha Jeanne and John (Dec 2009) (10 December 2009)
  • I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that I watched 'A Brilliant Life' last night and I was so touched by your work. It is a very intimate and honest portrayal not only of your father, but of what your entire family went through. Thank you for sharing this with us. (Angela - 6 August 2009)
  • What an excellent film, its uplifting which is strange given the topic. The photographs capture the essence of these people and their love and commitment to one another, and the no-nonsense attitude of Mike towards his situation. I am in awe of the depth of love that Sue showed towards Mike-not gushy and romantic but practical love in action which is far more meaningful and rare than verbally expressed love. (Carolyn Smith - 20 January 2009)
  • Murray,Thank you for sharing this with us all. My wifes mum has lived with us for over 10 years and we are on this same journey with her. Your film has given us a huge lift of spirits right when we needed it. I cant thank you enough for shareing this with us. (Robb Wood - 24 October 2008)
  • brillant work.really well crafted and i know it will give alot of people fantastic insight into this disease... cheers matt fraser (matt - 24 October 2008)
  • Murray, I found this film to be a gentle gift. This captures the dignity of a dying that takes place within a family. Our father died in a hospice but with the same loving nursing from our mother. Thank you to you and your family. (Sarah Kirby - 17 October 2008)
  • I love your work. This was very moving. Thanks for making this available. (Joan Taylor - 6 October 2008)