Foodie event in Ambrym

Man carrying a torpedo like yam in Ambrym, Vanuatu.

August 23

Circumcisions are prevalent in parts of Vanuatu but none were seen at a ceremony I attended in Ranon. It was all about food. I saw torpedo shaped yams, freshly butchered beef and piles of fresh produce. But pigs were the main event.



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Vanuatu coffee

Young girl holding fresh picked coffee cherries in Vanuatu.

June 2

I recently photographed a rather shy coffee production at Vanuatu’s agriculture research center near Luganville.


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about me

I photograph events, portraits, products and people in action for corporate and private clients around New Zealand and in Vanuatu. I specialise in food photography for cookbooks, magazines and food promotions, work on location and in the studio. If you look at the Projects  page on my website you’ll find exhibition work and if you view the multimedia page you will see I have been having fun making short films.